The story of "Go to Hell, Ole Miss, Go to Hell!!"

In '58 the day before LSU and Ole Miss played at Tiger Stadium, some Ole Miss fans
hired a plane to tow a banner which had "Go to hell, LSU" and had it fly around campus.
They also dropped leaflets all over the campus with "Go to Hell, LSU" on them.

That night at the game, LSU fans would try and get everyone to chant, "Go to hell, 
Ole Miss". They were not having much success, because, Ole Miss was winning 
the game by a field goal. And, the Mississippi fans were doing a pretty good job 
of chanting, "Go to hell, LSU. It was 3 to nothing until Heisman Trophy Winner, 
Billy Cannon returned the punt (the most famous return ever in the Tiger football 
history). Of course, you know how the noise level is in Tiger Stadium - They don't
call it "Death Valley" for nuthin'. The crowd went wild. The Ole Miss fans fell
silent. All at once, almost as one, all you could hear was, "Go to hell, Ole Miss".
It was constant. Ole Miss could not even hear their quarterback. It was that way
until the game was over and even afterward.