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"Notre Dame Fight Song"

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I'm a fight song singin' Notre Dame Fan
Rally sons of Notre Dame
Sing her glory and sound her fame
Raise her gold and Blue and Sing with voices true
Rah Rah to Notre Dame

We will fight in every game
Strong of heart and true to Her name
We will ner forget her
And we'll cheer forever
Loyal to Notre Dame...

Cheer, cheer for ole Notre Dame
Wake up the echo cheering her name
Send a volley ~ cheer on high
Shake down the thunder from the sky
What though the odds be great or small
Ole Notre Dame will win over all
While her loyal sons are marching...onward to victory.


This page is dedicated to my Dad.
I learned the Notre Dame fight Song before the Hail Mary!

Email from a site visitor said his first words were "Notre Dame Beat USC!"
My Dad would love that.


Notre Dame Alma Mater

Notre Dame, Our Mother
Tender, Strong, and True
Proudly in the Heavens
Gleams Thy Gold and Blue
Glory's Mantle Cloaks Thee
Golden is Thy Fame
And Our Hearts Forever
Praise Thee, Notre Dame
And Our Hearts Forever
Love Thee Notre Dame

2017 Notre Dame Football Schedule/Record
09/02 ~ ND-49 v Temple-16 Happy
09/09 ~ ND-19 v Georgia-20 Yuk
09/16 ~ ND-49 @ Boston College-20 Happy
09/23 ~ ND-38 @ Michigan St-18 Happy
09/30 ~ ND-52 v Miami(Ohio)-17 Happy
10/07 ~ ND-33 @ North Carolina-10 Happy
10/14 - BYE
10/21 ~ ND-49 v USC-14 Happy
10/28 ~ ND-35 v NC State-14 Happy
11/04 ~ ND-48 v Wake Forest-37 Happy
11/11 ~ ND-8 @ Miami(FL)-41 Yuk
11/18 ~ ND-24 v Navy-17 Happy

11/25 ~ ND @ Stanford ~ TBA


Alma Mater
Notre Dame Our Mother

Notre Dame Our Mother, tender strong and true,
proudly in the heavens gleams thy gold and blue,
glory's mantle cloaks thee, golden is thy fame,
and our hearts forever praise thee, Notre Dame,
and our hearts forever love thee, Notre Dame.

ND Fighting Irish


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